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Breakthrough For High-Impact Leaders

Meet Cathy Greer
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Consultant

   Cathy is a visionary leader, consultant, author, and ordained pastor,  passionate about personal transformation. She is the CEO of Freedom Transformation Corporation, providing consulting for high-level leaders and their teams. She is also the founder of two non-profit organizations, Mission Support Network and Kingdom Women Global. For years, she has helped high-impact leaders and influencers overcome obstacles and achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.

    With over a decade of experience counseling, consulting, equipping, and coaching hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals, Cathy brings a unique perspective and prophetic insight into personal transformation. Through her intuitive insights and strategic questions, she helps clients identify the constraints in their lives and how to overcome them to meet their personal or professional goals. This ability to walk in a fuller expression of freedom changes their lives and impacts the lives of everyone around them.

    Cathy has helped leaders build their organizations, launch businesses, and establish her own. She is considered a mother in the faith, a prophet, and a leader with unique skills, experience, insight, and wisdom that have allowed her to see high-level leaders move themselves and their companies, organizations, and ministries forward. 

   She has also authored several books, including Kingdom Women Global's 9-month discipleship curriculum, "Journey into Intimacy, Identity, and Purpose," and many others. She and her husband, Stuart, recently celebrated thirty years of marriage.

    "One of the biggest reasons people find fulfillment in their lives and walk out their God-given destiny, level up in their family and business is the encouragement, counsel, wisdom, and freedom they receive along the way. Calling people higher into their Kingdom identity and purpose is my passion." - Cathy Greer

Desert Road

Grow Your Vision & Level Up

"When we hired Cathy, we thought our organization was relatively healthy. She came in and made us so much better. She carries a lot of business wisdom and helped us see where the holes were within our organization and leadership. The best part was that she also helped us work through them and find solutions. We all became better leaders and the result of that was we had a solid foundation that we could build something really big on. She also helped us to communicate better within our teams. Since working with Cathy we have had some very large business deals form. We know the value of a 5% change in a positive direction and what that can do for our company. We got so much more than that from her. Your business can't afford not to hire her. "

Chelsea Jubilee - CEO, Energized Health

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