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Terms and Conditions For Prayer Appointments

In booking an appointment you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. This ministry is called prayer ministry. It is considered a form of pastoral counseling, not professional counseling. I am an ordained minister or lay minister, not licensed as a professional counselor. I work with you only as you choose to work with me. God has seen fit to work with and through me in moving people toward freedom from spiritual, emotional and even physical problems. It is, therefore, my expectation that He will help you through our time together. But I cannot control God or promise what He will do. I can only promise that I will do my best to work with God for your good and God’s glory. What usually happens in this type of ministry is that God brings a push towards wholeness in each session. Often additional work is necessary for a person to attain the complete freedom he/she and God desire. It may be advisable for the person to receive help from a professional counselor as well. I strongly advise this, especially in dealing with dysfunctional habits. It is always advisable for the person to actively pursue spiritual disciplines such as church attendance, prayer, Bible study, and worship. I am committed to keeping confidential whatever you share with me. I am, however, required by law to report to the appropriate person(s) two kinds of things:

1. Any intent of a person to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal action against another person or against him/herself, or
2. Any act of a child or elderly abuse or neglect. If it appears that such notification needs to be given, that intention will be shared with you first. In order to provide the appropriate legal protection, I ask that each person sign the following Statement of Release.

I hereby release Stuart Greer, prayer team, ministry team and/or Heritage Church (church and/or all related parties involved) from any liability should this ministry session not live up to my expectations or lead to any spiritual, emotional or physical dysfunction.

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